At De-Stress Chiropractic we accept Longshoreman’s ILWU insurance

Longshoremen work hard and can have injuries that cause pain and discomfort. Great chiropractic care can change your life for the better.¬†Chiropractic care can give you more mobility, more energy, and less pain. That is the most important message we can convey here. You get one go around in this life, let’s make the best of it.¬†Call our office today or book your appointment online. Phone 805-256-0701.

In his 20 years of service Dr. Algee has assisted approx 25 thousand patients. His goal is to find solutions to acute and chronic conditions so you can get back to being an active member of your community. Give our office a call or schedule your appointment online. We can help.

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Mark Algee D.C. Ventura Chiropractic
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Mark Algee D.C.
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Mark Algee D.C. Ventura Chiropractic
Mark Algee D.C. Ventura Chiropractor
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