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Chiropractic Continuing Education Classes 1

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Chiropractic Continuing Education Classes 1

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Chiropractic Continuing Education Classes 1

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Chiropractic Continuing Education


Scheduled Dates for 2021

July 17, 22, 24
August 21, 26, 28
September 18, 16, 18, 23, 25
October 16, 21, 23, 28, 30
November 20, 25, 27
December 16, 18

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Our Current Classes

The Pleasure Trap; Weight Gain/Loss, Water Fasting, Food Addictions & Vegan Eating



This course educates practitioners in the role of dopamine, evolution’s motivator, and its affects upon our two primary’s behaviors: eating food and having sex.  We are pleasure seeking, pain avoiding, and energy conserving creatures. Evolution has seen fit to reward us with behaviors that propagate our genes by giving us the feel good neurotransmitter dopamine. Performing behaviors, such as eating and having sex, motivate us to seek dopamine as a part of our design.

We are pre-programed, by life itself, in seeking behaviors that cause dopamine secretion which contribute to our genetic survival. We can also increase our levels of dopamine by artificial means outside of behaviors. For example: exercise, mediation, alcohol, drugs, sugar, overeating, video games, or watching television. While not all these activities are detrimental to our long-term health, overeating, sugar consumption can cause us to seek out dopamine in an unhealthy way.  This will be the basis of this class.

Aging, Life, Death & Time

This course discusses the links between food, inflammation, accelerated aging, environmental triggers, fatigue, depression, pain, autoimmunity, and stress. 

Food plays a major role in creating energy, giving us nutrition to stimulate our bodies and help repair damaged tissues. Improper foods also contribute to inflammation. Inflammation causes accelerated ageing, pain, depression, and autoimmunity. Inflammation also lowers the firing threshold of noniceptors which contribute to chronic pain. Over time this increases the likelihood pain receptors will spontaneously fire without a painful stimuli. 

Increased pain also increases a person stress. Elevated levels of pain increase stress. Stress also elevates levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol accelerates again. Elevated levels of cortisol also contribute to diabetes. Diabetes inhibits glucose from entering the cell causing low ATP and low energy.

The major topic of this course is to keep your stress low to preserve your youth and keep again at a slow pace.

We will also be discussing the end of life as a reminder that time is limited. As the Greek philosopher Seneca states in his book, ‘You are living as if destined to live for ever; your own frailty never occurs to you: you don’t notice how much time has already passed, but squander it as though you had a full’.

Chiropractic Technique CA-A-21-01-01333

In this class we will explore the concepts of neurology, neuroplasticity, cerebellar and balance testing, and joint mobilization techniques.

We will briefly discuss diets influence on global chronic inflammation, stimulation of the immune system, activation of auto-immune disorders including myasthenia gravis. The role of chronic inflammation impact upon joints, muscles, depression, neurotransmitter secretion, the neuromusclar junction, its impediment to the patient’s general health and physical rehabilitation will also be discussed.

While this portion of the class is structured, each class will vary in different directions of conversation depending on class participant’s interest.

Lastly, developing a treatment plan for the patient that utilizes exercise, rehabilitation and diet modification to reducing inflammation, are necessary for long-term success of the patient’s care.

Ethics and Law  CA-A-21-01-01334

This course educates practitioners in the legal requirement as put forth by the State Board of California Chiropractic Examiners. We will discuss policies and procedures as set forth by the Board including the legal and moral obligations of the doctor, new continuing education requirements, scope of practice, what a duly licensed chiropractor may treat, informed consent, unprofessional conduct, filing of addresses, discipline by another state, display of license, change of name, use of title by unlicensed persons, illegal practice, ownership of practice upon the death or Incapacity of a licensee, ownership of a chiropractic practice and responsibility for conduct on premises.

Previous Board Approved Classes

Trigger Point Therapy & Massage with Chiropractic Care CA-A-19-07-06073

This class is about incorporating massage and trigger point therapy into your chiropractic work.  Some patients cant take the heavy mobilization of traditional diversified. This is a way to relax muscles so things smoothly transition into ‘place’ We will be addressing muscles, massage styles, trigger points, human health, chronic inflammation and chronic pain.

Conflict & Stress

This course educates practitioners in the damaging effects of stress on all major systems of the body. We have both positive and negative stressors. There are three major types of stressors, Physical, Mental, and Chemical. Each type of stress affects other types of stressors within the body. Students will be shown a few examples such as; if an individual has a neck injury, which represents the physical portion of stress, the area becomes inflamed which creates pain chemicals. This can lead to a lack of sleep which negatively affects a person’s mental health.
We will discuss how body language in correlation with movement can show a person in distress. Happy people vs depressed persons show differences in body movement. Doctors will watch videos and through personal examples study movements and its correlation with happy vs depressed states. Doctors will learn how our mental thoughts have impacts upon brain chemistry and movement.
We will also discuss how and where do individuals experience stress. A hostile work environment, chronic pain, or the loss of a loved one has huge impacts upon our minds and bodies. Doctors will examine how visual images of stress through news programs, reality T.V. and our inability, or unwillingness, to disconnect from our modern devices have massive, negative, long term chronic stressful impacts on our nervous systems and body’s health.
Doctors will study how the new understanding of mirror neurons and the unconscious body language, which we give off, impacts their nervous systems. Dis-stressed people influence the chemical responses of people next to them. This includes people who have no knowledge of the stressful event that just transpired. Studies show that just the act of watching others have conflict increases out blood pressure, cortisol, and causes the viewer to go into a flight or fight response. Doctors will learn that they mirror the emotional state of people around them.

Human Perception of Chiropractic Techniques

As Human-beings, we believe in a lot of strange & unusual things. You can easily observe this in group discussions.
Is there anything you believe that can be perceived as unconventional?
To ourselves, we are not always consciously aware that what we believe in is indeed bizarre. In fact, what we believe in our own mind’s perception is actually quite real.
The history of Health Care, Medicine, Chiropractic, Pharmacology and Religion are riddled with outdated concepts that human-beings once believed to be real that are no longer seen as accurate.
We will discuss how human-beings, that is you and I, are deceived, willingly by leadership and ourselves. Primarily we will discuss how emotions and the limbic system disengage our frontal lobes analytical abilities and how groupthink encourages emotional thinking vs analytical thinking. Groupthink is a part of our evolutionary development. If group think deceives us, and group think is a part of evolution, then evolution itself participates in our deception.

• The Accuracy of Human Thought
• Current & Past Political and Historical events
• Frontal Lobe Logic
• Limbic Systems Emotional Attachments
• The inconsistency of human thinking
• Group Dynamics
• Group Structures
• The American Psyche
• Cults- News Cults, Political Cults, Computer Cults, Self-Help Cults, & (my favorite) Chiropractic Cults
• Climate Change
• Human Deception

Finally, a portion of the class is dedicated to perceiving ‘Group Think’. Group think is where the group has come to a consensus about a particular idea and no new ideas are allowed to enter into the group’s collective conscious.